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The Bova-Tech facility is located at 42128 Township Road 272, Rockyview County, 10 minutes North of Cochrane, Alberta.

Directions from Cochrane, head North for 12 kilometers on Highway 22, then turn left (West) on Township 272, follow for 1 kilometer and turn right (North) at signpost 42128 and follow the driveway for 900 meters where the office is located in the large barn.

Bova-Tech is conveniently located 30 minutes West of Alta Genetics Inc.; the biggest bovine semen collection center in Western Canada. This location facilitates the ability to ship embryos domestically or internationally. For more information please go to our contact page and our address and location is clearly marked.

About Us

Bova-Tech Ltd. (BTL) is committed to providing complete commercial embryo transplant services to producers in Western Canada (Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba) and overseas.  We are always trying to keep producers abreast of current developments and trends in the industry. Our dedicated staff has extensive experience in the field of embryo transfer and is well versed in the growing and changing needs of the purebred cattle industry. Our programs are flexible and are designed to meet producer’s specific needs.

Our main directive is the collection and processing of top quality embryos for your program, whether it is for immediate transplant or cryopreservation and storage for use or marketing at a later date.

Cryopreservation (frozen embryos) has been a key factor in the movement of top genetics to and from Canada for years. Bova-Tech has been actively involved in this aspect of embryo transfer for over 25 years and is recognized worldwide.

BTL works in accordance with International Embryo Transfer Society (IETS) standards, and are fully accredited for production of embryos for export purposes. We are members of and certified by the Canadian Embryo Transfer Association and IETS.

We provide our services in-clinic at any of our satellite locations as well as on-farm. On-farm work is and always has been a major part of our business. With our mobile lab, all services are available for your convenience right on the farm. This allows the producers to use their own recipient females and keep their donor cows at home, thus reducing the overall cost of the program significantly. 

Over the coming months, we will be working on our catalogue of embryos for sale with a full range of donors and sires from the different breeds, these embryos will be available for international markets only.

International Marketing
Bova-Tech is currently involved in export markets to the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Mongolia, South America and Mexico. We have also been involved in other projects in Russia, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary.

Our accessibility to all the different cattle breeds enables us to draw from a wide genetic pool for our export programs. We work along with some of the most recognized and successful seedstock producers of the industry in marketing embryos from some of the most Elite females of the breed.
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First calf crop of the year originated from Canadian Embryos in different ranches in Northern Mexico

Hard work is rewarded, and some ranchers in northern Mexico are happy with the calves born this year. They put a great deal of effort into their ET programs and they are achieving their goals of raising healthy and better livestock. Last fall Bova-Tech Ltd. (BTL) transferred embryos from sturdy, genetically superior cows and the resulting calves are very impressive and looking good. “It’s a whole other way of thinking about agriculture now in this part of the world,” said Claudia Piñon, who managed the breeding and health programs of some of these ranches in Chihuahua Mexico. She and her team have been a great help coordinating and preparing all we needed to do our work there in the last two years. BTL has been working there not only implanting frozen embryos but also flushing some of their best cows and implanting fresh embryos in our last two visits. These ranches are well managed; they use Charolais crossbred, Brangus and the low end purebred Angus cows as recipients. These recipients are in good condition, some receiving TMR, and others receiving good quality hay and supplemented with parenteral micro-minerals. These herds are under continuous surveillance and are free of Brucellosis and TB. Their facilities are well made and very functional with the squeeze chutes under a roof which is greatly appreciated on a hot or rainy day. There is also a lot of help around; the cowboys really know their job keeping things moving very fast and efficiently.

“The interest and the amount of ET and AI work are steadily increasing in the last years due to government subsidies to support these kinds of programs” Claudia said, who inseminates hundreds of cows and implants some embryos every year. Claudia coordinates this work for the producers and is in charge of the registration of the calves since she also works as a field technician for the Angus Association in Mexico.

Claudia also mentioned that the marketing of these kinds of genetics has been easier among pure-bred breeders as well the commercial producers, since the major market for their steers and heifers is the feedlots across the USA border and they pay premiums for these animals. “It is not difficult to sell bulls originated from an ET program to our commercial clients”, she said.

The practice of livestock farming is being eclipsed by the science of it, and at BTL we are happy to support producers in Northern Mexico with their programs, focus in breeding genetically superior animals. Thanks for all your help and keep up with the good work!

Angus ET Calf Chih. Mexico August 2012

Red Angus ET Calf Chih. Mexico August 2012
Flushing Cows in Chihuahua Mexico 2012

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